March 3, 2012

— MARCH 2, 2012 — HOUSTON — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Champions in the RodeoHouston BP Super Series 1 were crowned Thursday, March 1, during the Championship Round. The top four participants in each event move on to one of the two Semifinals, set for March 14 and 15.

BP Super Series 1 Tie-Down Roping Champion Houston Hutto said he didn’t let the size of Reliant Stadium affect him. The Tomball, Texas, resident ended BP Super Series I with $6,200.

Advancing to Semifinal Round:
Houston Hutto — Semifinal 1 – $6,200
Justin Maass — Semifinal 1 – $2,650
Monty Lewis — Semifinal 2 – $4,200
Rhen Richard — Semifinal 2 – $2,200

Bobby Mote came out on top in bareback riding, with a total $6,850 for all three rounds. Mote was the 2007 RodeoHouston BP Super Series Bareback Riding Champion, and said that winning again would be an amazing thing.

“This is a life-changing experience,” he said. “You can do a lot with $50,000 and it is also a huge motivation booster.”

Advancing to Semifinal Round:
Bobby Mote — Semifinal 1 – $6,850
Winn Ratliff — Semifinal 1 – $1,950
Heath Ford — Semifinal 2 – $4,600
Zachary Dishman — Semifinal 2 – $3,050

First place team ropers David Key and Rich Skelton left RodeoHouston BP Super Series I with $12,400 and will return to compete in a Semifinal Round. The duo said they know they must rely on one another in the arena to do well during their runs. Key said his partner allows him to do his job because Skelton he knows he can trust Key to rope his half of the steer.

Advancing to Semifinal Round:
David Key and Rich Skelton — Semifinal 1 – $12,400
Mike Beers and Matt Funk — Semifinal 1 – $5,400
Keven Daniel and Chase Tryan — Semifinal 2 – $7,600
Brady Tryan and Justin Davis — Semifinal 2 – $7,000

Snyder, Texas, resident and native Australian, Sam Spreadborough held on for eight seconds and took the RodeoHouston BP Super Series I Saddle Bronc Riding Championship with him as he left Reliant Stadium Thursday night. Spreadborough ended the third round with a total of $7,400.

Advancing to Semifinal Round:
Jesse Bail — Semifinal 1 – $5,400
Bradley Harter — Semifinal 1 – $1,800
Sam Spreadborough — Semifinal 2 – $7,400
Jacobs Crawley — Semifinal 2 – $3,800

Riley Duvall, RodeoHouston BP Super Series I Steer Wrestling Champion, is following in the footsteps of his family, a legend in the world of steer wrestling. Riley said he was happy with his performance over the past three days, but was just thrilled to have done well as he did each night. He ended Super Series I with a champion title and $5,300.

Advancing to Semifinal Round:
Jule Hazen — Semifinal 1 – $2,500
Ben Shofner — Semifinal 1 – $2,500
Riley Duvall — Semifinal 2 – $5,300
Nick Guy — Semifinal 2 – $3,000

First-timer to RodeoHouston Ty Pozzobon took both the first and third rounds and came out on top as the Super Series I Bull Riding Champion, with a total of $7,500. He said he knew he belonged at RodeoHouston and that he would make it into the semifinals.

Advancing to Semifinal Round:
Tag Elliott — Semifinal 1 – $3,500
Chance Smart — Semifinal 1 – $2,500
Ty Pozzobon — Semifinal 2 – $7,500
Trey Benton — Semifinal 2 – $2,400

Lubbock, Texas, resident Bennette Little finished first in Super Series I Barrel Racing, with total earnings of $8,050.

Advancing to Semifinal Round:
Benette Little — Semifinal 1 – $8,050
Rylee McKenzie — Semifinal 1 – $2,500
Lisa Lockhart — Semifinal 2 – $5,550
Cassie Moseley — Semifinal 2 – $1,300

The top four from each event of the semifinal rounds will advance to the RodeoHouston BP Super Series Championship, Saturday, March 17. The remaining six from each event in the two semifinals will compete in the Wild Card Round, Friday, March 16, where the top two from each event will advance to the RodeoHouston BP Super Series Championship. Each event champion will walk away with a $50,000 payout in addition to other winnings. The RodeoHouston BP Super Series continues through Saturday, March 17, with the Cinch RodeoHouston Super Shootout: North America’s Champions® presented by Crown Royal, on Sunday, March 18.

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